What does Access Control/Keyless Entry do for my business?

Access Control

I frequently get asked by clients, and potential clients, what are the reasons I should install an access control system in my business? Now of course this answer is different for everyone, but let me review with you some of the top reasons that a Las Vegas business owner would want to install an access control, or keyless entry system.

  1. Safeguard your employees and business form unauthorized intruders- A simple door phone and/or surveillance system, and none of your employees need to make themselves vulnerable to an unknown intruder.
  2. Employee Turnover- With a traditional keyed door system, when an employee leaves, it is usually if not always recommended to change the locks. With an access control system, you just de-activate their card/fob until it is returned, you can then re-issue to someone else or keep it deactivated if it never makes it’s way back.
  3. Schedule Controlled Access- Do you have employees or vendors that should only access the facilities at certain times? Cards/fobs can be easily programmed to control only certain doors at certain times, this also works in elevators.
  4. Special Access- Do you have guests that come to your business? Making a special guest card is very easy, and you can give them access only to the areas that they need to be in.
  5. Not only do you control who comes in or out of your business, but you have a system that keeps track of it for you. So 6 months from now if you want to see who went into your building at what time, it is just a matter of running a simple report.
  6. Employee IDs- With the purchase of a separate printer, access control cards can double up as employee IDs. Just simply print their ID information directly onto their door card.

The above are just a few of the reasons. Do you have questions on how access control fits into your business? Give us a call today at Las Vegas Low Voltage and we can schedule a free on-site consultation to discuss your questions.