VoIP Las Vegas

Ready to Slash Your Phone Bills? Switch Over to VoIP

As a Las Vegas business owner, are you tired of giving away your hard-earned money to your phone company? Do you hate it when you get charged excessive fees for calling relatives or friends overseas? If so, then you should consider calling using phone-billVoIP to slash your phone bills!

“Wait. . .But What Is It?”

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a form of telephony which takes your voice in the form of sound waves (analog form) and converts into a digital format which is then sent over the internet to be received by an end user (with an internet connection) in any part of the planet.

It’s been shaking the traditional telecommunications industry since it’s inception in the mid 1990’s and, although the first major VoIP company – Skype – was launched way back in 2003, it’s only been in the recent years that VoIP has started to gain popularity.

“How Can I Get Started?”

Well you have three basic routes you can take to take advantage of VoIP to start making cheap local and international calls.

  • P2P – Peer-to-Peer is the cheapest option you can get. All you need to get started is a microphone, headsets, soundcard, a good internet connection and software that you and the other person will use to connect to each other, such as Skype (which is free). This option also allows you to make video calls.
  • ATA – Getting an Analog-Telephone-Adapter is another option. ATA converts your voice signal into data and acts as an interface between your normal home telephone and a VoIP service. So, instead of connecting your telephone to a landline, you connect it to the ATA which is linked up to an Ethernet which in turn sends your voice (in the form of data) to someone else, through an IP Network.
  • IP Phones – This is the mostly costly option amongst the three. These phones look like normal handsets with only difference being that you connect them directly to your computer or internet connection to make calls. The phone has all the hardware and software built in it to make calls over the internet.

In all instances it’s always good to have a high-speed internet connection to ensure that you don’t experience any latency which could make your calls sound choppy and delayed.

internet-telephone-services“VoIP Plans?”

Multiple phone companies have now included various service packages for VoIP services. There are many variables that affect how much one could pay locally and internationally, but the fact is in almost all cases you’ll be saving a heck of a lot more money compared to your normal telephone charges.

VoIP is also a great tool businesses can leverage to cut calling costs between international offices or employees that travel often who, instead of constantly switching numbers (with varying call charges), can use a single number for contact.

Choose The Cheaper Solution – VoIP

VoIP has been around for years and more and more people are converting to it every day so don’t be left behind. You can get started right now by downloading free software such as like Skype so you can catch up with friends and family around the world!