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Telephones are the life-line of business, without them you are out of business.
Las Vegas Low Voltage offers full telecommunications services, specializing in the installation and repair of business telephone systems and PBX solutions.

We realize that each company has its own individual telecommunication requirements and workflow procedure.  It is our job to ensure your business telephone system is integrated into that process so that it facilitates productivity and the exchange of information. No one likes to be sold, so we take great care in configuring a communication system that fulfills your needs and budget.

Las Vegas Low Voltage is proud to be a reseller of the world-acclaimed Altigen phone system. Let us give you a demonstration. This IP / Analog system provides tremendous features at a fraction of the cost of other traditional PBX systems. In turn, Altigen offers world class mobility functions at a much lower price then larger systems. From sizable call center systems to doctors’ offices, businesses both large and small can find an affordable effective Altigen system to suit their needs. Las Vegas Low Voltage has been an Altigen Certified Dealer since 2006, and has some of Las Vegas’ best Altigen Certified Engineers.

What’s more, we also service many other brands and models of PBX /phone systems, including: Nortel, Panasonic, RCA, and many more.

MAX CS PBX Phone System

Moving your office?Moving phone system to new office

We understand the communication cross over challenges involved with moving a office or business location. Eliminate the financial burden associated with communication downtime and avoid the pitfalls of communication malfunction by contracting a Las Vegas Low Voltage pro prior to the move. We can assess, plan and coordinate it all. The money you’ll save will far outweigh the minimal costs associated with our business phone system moving services. Our close relationships with Las Vegas phone providers, like Cox Communications and Centurylink will ensure you with a stress free, and much welcomed office move. We’ll work on your behalf directly with your carrier of choice before the move, actually disconnect and reconnect your system and then check to ensure every phone line and hand set is up and operational before you step foot inside the door.

Have you relocated your office or business and need some new office phone wiring done? We can help. We can typically dispatch a technician on the same day you request this service (or by the next business day worst case scenario) to install new phone extensions or move existing ones inside your new office or business location.

Did You Know?

  • In 1933 Walt Disney had 6 telephone outlets installed at his home, which included 1 poolside. This took 4 engineers and the “Architects’ and Builders’ Service” from Ma Bell to complete this project.
  • In the State of Nevada, it is required to have a Low Voltage Nevada Contractor’s License to sell, install or repair phones and phone systems.
  • By 1942 there was just over 15,460,000 miles of copper telephone wire running across the United States. That is enough wire to coil around the earth 621 times.
  • There are inexpensive solutions to have your business phones ring to your mobile or home at the same time?