Las Vegas Security Surveillance Systems


 Security System Design and Installation You Can Trust.

Las Vegas Low Voltage technicians have spent the better part of two decades setting up and installing complete commercial surveillance systems in retail, office, and warehouse environments. We can design and install the perfect Las Vegas security system to meet your needs and budget. From intimate 1-2 camera security systems with a live stream view on your business, to advanced 64 camera surveillance systems programmed to record every detail of your business or store, we CAN help.surveillance systems las vegas

Surveillance Cameras – Assessment, Design

Every new security surveillance design begins with a free on-site surveillance system assessment. During this assessment process we physically walk thru your business, inside and out with you to learn about traffic flows, define key surveillance areas, spot access and egresses, and address any other critically important security camera needs. Now we’re ready to design a custom surveillance camera system that will suit your business layout, while being mindful of any budgetary outlines.

Las Vegas Security Camera System

As a leading Las Vegas security camera system firm, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver a wide array of the industry’s most advanced surveillance cameras technologies. We install a wide array of leading edge surveillance camera technologies, including:

• Analog 960H   • HD-SDI    • IP Cameras 720p & 1080p    • Analog High-Definition (AHD)

Best of all, every one of our security surveillance camera systems delivers you with the ability to connect remotely via iOS (Iphone, Ipad) or Android device and watch live, recordings or listen to on-site audio. WITHOUT EXTRA MONTHLY FEES OR CONTRACTS. ALL YOU NEED IS AN EXISTING INTERNET CONNECTION to use our TAPcms proprietary mobile connect software.

Las Vegas Security Camera System Experts

We are the Las Vegas security camera system experts. Contact us today at 702-309-1911 to schedule your FREE on-site surveillance system assessment.

Experiencing loss prevention issues in your business?

Las Vegas Low Voltage can design a custom solution to include the installation of undetectable covert surveillance cameras, like our pinhole smoke detector cameras, or motion detector cameras as part of your existing or new security surveillance system.


surveillance camera systemAffordable Surveillance Camera System Las Vegas – Maintenance Services

Somewhere 6-18 months after your new surveillance camera system is installed you may look at the video images and notice that the pictures just aren’t clear and sharp as they were when you first installed. You may be attempting to capture a car’s license plate driving by your building and notice that you can’t quite read the plates anymore or worse yet, not be able to clearly see people’s faces. This is something that can often times be corrected with some minimal adjustments and updates.

Surveillance Camera Systems Las Vegas – Maintenance

Just because your images aren’t as clear as they might have been a year ago,  doesn’t mean it is time to replace the entire surveillance camera system; it means that itsurveillance camera system is time to perform annual maintenance on your system.  You may be thinking to yourself, why do I need to do maintenance on my surveillance system? Well, how often do you clean the windshield on your car? Or better yet, the lenses on your eyeglasses? Regular surveillance system maintenance will ensure that when an incident happens your cameras will capture the clearest and sharpest possible image with effort to capturing the incident or intruder’s features and more. Invest In Annual Maintenance For Your Surveillance Camera System To Prolong Its Life and Experience Optimal Results.

Surveillance Camera Maintenance Packages

We offer quality, fixed-price, all-in-one security surveillance maintenance packages to ensure your system is running at full capacity and performance.  Annual surveillance system maintenance package pricing varies based on the amount of cameras installed. Below are a few standard packages. All cameras must be reachable by maximum 10 foot ladder for standard package pricing to apply.

0-4 Cameras $229

  • Clean exterior dome/lens
  • Re-point/Re-focus existing cameras
  • Diagnose nonfunctioning cameras
  • Verify DVR & hard drive functionality
  • Complete email report of findings

5-8 Cameras $449

  • Clean exterior dome/lens
  • Re-point/Re-focus existing cameras
  •  Diagnose nonfunctioning cameras
  •  Verify DVR & hard drive functionality
  •  Complete email report of findings

9-16 Cameras $679

  • Clean exterior dome/lens
  • Re-point/Re-focus existing cameras
  • Diagnose nonfunctioning cameras
  • Verify DVR & hard drive functionality
  • Complete email report of findings

Have 16+ cameras in your existing surveillance system? Call and request a complimentary site survey. We also offer multi-location and annual service contract discounts. Please contact our offices and speak to a surveillance pro for additional information.

Looking To Update Your Existing Video Surveillance System?

Have an existing surveillance system that needs a camera or two added? Have you added additional space to your office or warehouse and need more or different areas captured?

Schedule a FREE on-site assessment for a Las Vegas Low Voltage technician to visit your site and give you a quote on how to best enhance your existing surveillance system to meet the demands of your business’ surveillance needs for years to come.

Need A Surveillance System Repair?

Have an existing surveillance system that has an ill performing camera? Lost your ability to connect remotely to your cameras all of a sudden, when you could do so without issue before? Got a camera or cameras on your system that goes black at night? These are just a few of the types of call we get daily from customers just like you who need professional surveillance help to get their system back online and functioning with ease. Call today and schedule a FREE on-site assessment with a qualified Las Vegas Low Voltage technician. We’ll come to your office or business and and have those ill performing cameras operational in no time at all.

For optimal security surveillance system performance, consider a regular maintenance package. Investing in our affordable maintenance services will ensure your system will function in tip-top shape without issue or concern when you need it.

Did You Know?

  • According to the 2013 Annual Retail Theft Survey by Jack L. Hayes International, based on a survey of 3 million employees, one in every 39.5 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer.
  • Providing adequate lighting around a commercial building can be as much of a deterrent as surveillance cameras.
  • In the State of Nevada video surveillance can be disallowed as evidence, if a sign warning that the area is under video surveillance is not displayed.