Protect Your Las Vegas Business from Vandalism with a Security System

Unfortunately, our properties are often affected by juvenile delinquents, drunkards and persons who just deliberately vandalize property for no apparent reason. Property crimes in Las Vegas per 1,000 residents are 4.19 points above the national median and nearly 4 points above that of the state of Nevada. In Las Vegas, your chances of becoming a victim of a property crime are 1 in 33.

vandalismVandalism destroys and reduces your property’s value whether by actual destruction of your property or from graffiti. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department, nearly 30 million is spent each year on fighting graffiti in Las Vegas. The good news is that a security system will act as a deterrent against such acts of vandalism and malicious destruction of your property.

One feature of a good security system is CCTV surveillance as it allows you to monitor your property while you are operating and when the premises are not occupied. Even if you are unable to prevent the vandalism from occurring, you will have the necessary resources to identify the culprits and enable our law enforcement officials to quickly do their jobs. It will also provide you with the necessary evidence in a court case and protect your assets from those who willingly and maliciously destroy your property.

Some persons will argue that cameras as a part of a security system do not serve as a deterrent because persons get desensitized to it after a while or that they do not provide good enough evidence for identification purposes. This is because the cameras are not generally of a commercial grade suitable for a business environment and that they were not professionally installed. This leaves gaps in areas of coverage and puts your business at risk. Desensitizing should not be an issue, especially if you prefer to be discreet in your observance of the activities that are taking place.

Combined with alarms and access control, your camera surveillance system could be the crucial element in saving your establishment. It is, therefore, necessary that you have a security system that is designed to keep your business safe and that it is professionally installed.

Contact Las Vegas Low Voltage and let us help you determine the best security system for your needs. Protect your business against vandalism with the best commercial security system designed and installed with your business in mind.