Las Vegas Low Voltage to be the First Partner with Agrilyst

Harmful pollutants in the air cause us to get sick. Pollutants impact plants too. And ultimately, when plants are unhealthy, people are affected. So managing healthy plants is key to managing healthy people.

Current methods for pathogen detection aren’t good enough. Growers can swab and send samples off-site to a laboratory for testing, which requires manual labor and test results only detect when an anomaly is found. Turnaround time can be a few weeks and by then, it’s already too late to recover revenue. Growers can use air filtering methods, which are costly to implement at scale. UV light is being touted as a solution, but vast surface exposure is needed to be effective.

Clearly growers need a solution. They need earlier detection and prevention mechanisms. That is why we’ve partnered with Scanit Technologies. Their proprietary technology is the best we’ve seen at early detection. They have a device, similar in shape and size to an Amazon Alexa. Devices are placed throughout your facility and autonomously capture spores.

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If you’re interested in deploying our operations management and pathogen detection platform, you can reach out to Chad at or give him a ring at 702–309–1911.