Did a Las Vegas or Henderson Electrician leave you in the lurch on your data wiring?

Everyday in Las Vegas, electricians are out there doing the work of low voltage technicians. Low voltage is in itself a specialized field encompassing voice, data, video, audio, alarms, and all their accompanying wiring.

low voltage wiringKnowing this, electricians still inform people everyday, that yes, they can do their data wiring, and then the customer gets left with something like the above picture. The first problem with this wiring job was the type of cable used. Since this was a complete retrofit of the building, the client had the opportunity to put in Cat6 data cabling. This may not have made much of a difference now, but it clearly will in the future. Quite simply the maximum speed of Cat5e is1000 MBPS, Cat6 cabling increases that maximum by 10. The cost difference is only 15-20% on the parts and there is no labor cost difference.  As the client was never consulted on the differences, he never had the opportunity to make an informed decision.

The cat5e data wiring was brought to a cabinet outside the business where clearly there is no room for the client’s network equipment like their router and their network switch. Never mind that there is no power to plug any of that equipment into. This wiring job is something only an electrician could love.

So what was the solution for this particular problem? Well unfortunately, all the wiring in this building, 44 Cat5e drops, was pulled when the walls were open and the electrician stapled all the cabling to the studs inside the walls. So the first option of pulling everything back and putting in Cat6 was clearly off the table. We then got into the crawl spaces and determined we could pull all the wiring back inside to a common point in an office. However, the client unfortunately lost some usable space where they had planned to put a desk.

Have you been left in the lurch by a Las Vegas or Henderson electrician? Do you have data cabling that has been pulled but not terminated? Do you need ends put on your Cat5e or Cat6? Do you need the back room wiring terminated? If these are problems you have then give us a call at Las Vegas Low Voltage, (702) 309-1911,  and we will work together with you to find a solution to get you out of the lurch!