Capture Technologies Expands To Las Vegas After Acquiring IT Company

Las Vegas, NV January 1, 2018 – Employee-owned Capture Technologies is adding to its owner roll, announcing the purchase of Las Vegas based I.T., Low Voltage and Security company, PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage.

Already a leader in providing ID, Call Recording and telephony solutions as well as access control and video surveillance, this purchase allows Capture to tap into a rapidly growing market in Nevada, while pairing with an innovative local company that has a great reputation.

“Capture has been looking at growing our footprint as well as our Technical Expertise. PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage brings a focus on technology and customer service that compliments Capture” says John Babin, CEO of Capture.

PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage was founded by Chad Stone in 2006 as PC911; a mobile repair shop that operated out of a refurbished ambulance and set about to fix broken personal computers. Stone paired the ambulance gimmickry with hard work and excellent service, ballooning the company’s revenue more than ten-fold in its first year.

PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage expanded into employee, network, and building security and has become the leader in Self-Storage security for the Las Vegas valley. In addition, they performed all low voltage and site security for Project Neon which is the largest construction project in the history of Nevada.

Stone has worked successfully with Capture Technologies and its CEO John Babin for more than a decade, making this new partnership a very comfortable union.

“When the time came to advance our business to the next level, it only seemed natural to consider joining up with Capture Technologies in some way,” Stone says. “Thru this sale and new partnership both PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage and Capture Technologies are positioning ourselves to be a regional powerhouse in corporate low voltage and security and the dominant player in Self-Storage for the entire West Coast.”

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1948, Capture Technologies has seen steady market expansion over the years, infiltrating Sacramento and Los Angeles before this latest move to Las Vegas. Stone sees the benefit in joining forces with such a strong and stable company.

“Not only is this great for our customers, it is great for our employees too. By joining a 70-year old Employee-Owned company we are able to offer all of our current employees a real stake in their own future, which really excites me!” said Stone.

Purchasing PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage allows Capture to expand its winning formula into a new marketplace and CEO Babin looks forward to bringing their solutions to Nevada in order to capture a piece of the action.

“The combined company will bring new solutions to the combined customer base. I am really excited in the merged expertise that will increase the value we offer to our valued clients”, says Babin.

Capture Technologies specializes in call center and telephony solutions as well as video surveillance and ID solutions for a variety of businesses and government agencies.


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