Full Service Audio/Video Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Low Voltage offers a wide variety of Audio and Video Services for your business.  We create and enhance audio & video experiences for businesses and organizations by commercial video servicesproviding innovative products and ideas, exceptional installation and customer service. We value each and every one of our business clients and strive to provide services that allow us to retain client partnerships for life.

Las Vegas Commercial Video Systems

We can design and install a system to distribute high-definition video throughout your space to multiple displays from multiple sources. From one display to more than twenty, we can implement a video system that will meet all your multimedia and digital signage needs. We can help you deliver a targeted and pertinent message in real-time using eye-catching displays, distributed audio, and easy-to-operate control systems. Whether you require distributed video for a restaurant, bar, conference room, auditorium, retail space, fitness center, or house of worship, we can provide you with an effective yet simple to use system.

Las Vegas Commercial Audio Systemscommercial-audio-system

Any source that emits sound into a room or space whether it be for entertainment, educational or information reason – that’s what distributed audio is all about. Whether you’re in the break room, conference room, executive suite, presentation room, or even the restroom, Las Vegas Low Voltage can distribute audio anywhere. Any source means it can come from the paging system, radio, CD’s, iPod, satellite, or media server. We can make the entire installation discreet so you won’t see the components; you’ll just hear the magic.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Commercial Outdoor Audio Solutions

The most basic way to enhance your business’ outdoor entertainment is with one or more pair of outdoor speakers. Better coverage and a far better outdoor experience is delivered when you combine several sets of speakers. Strategically locating a set of four, six or eight speakers (depending on the area of coverage you need) positioned to surround the outdoor space and set to operate at a low volume will produce a better experience. Installing only one pair of speakers requires you to turn the volume up to an extremely loud level – making some areas of your outdoor space uncomfortable.

restaurant-speaker-systemOur most popular commercial outdoor speakers resemble granite landscape rocks and blend nicely into most all outdoor environments with little to no detection. The sound you get from these modestly sized speakers is amazing and with the ability to discretely place them inside landscape bedding areas near dining tables, bars and waiting areas it allows you to provide exceptional audio sound coverage.

Las Vegas Low Voltage is an Authorized Reseller for OSD audio solutions. All OSD Audio speaker products have a 1 year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. During the warranty period OSD will replace any defective part and correct any defect in workmanship without charge for either parts or labor.