Telephone Systems for Las Vegas Businesses

Communication is at the heart of every business. This is where your business telephone should be at a standard to positively influence your outcomes on a day-to-day basis. Whether a small, medium or large business, you should have a dedicated … Continued

Covert Surveillance Kit a Success for Aria

Looking for an on-the-go covert surveillance solution for your company or security department? The Investigations Department at Aria Hotel and Casino was having the same problem. We spent time with their staff talking to them about their needs, sketching out … Continued

Las Vegas Network Cabling

3 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Las Vegas Network Servicing Company When thinking about your business, what do you consider as the most important factor when it comes to its success? The customers? Your work force? The quality of … Continued

VoIP Las Vegas

Ready to Slash Your Phone Bills? Switch Over to VoIP As a Las Vegas business owner, are you tired of giving away your hard-earned money to your phone company? Do you hate it when you get charged excessive fees for … Continued

CCTV Las Vegas

What You Can Do If You’re Thinking of Getting CCTV Surveillance Surveillance cameras for your Las Vegas business are an extra pair of eyes looking out for you with the crucial advantage of never blinking. There are many reasons why … Continued

Preventing crime against your business pt.1

Being a business owner in today’s day and age is tough and can drive any normal, sane person straight to the loony bin.   Picture this: You woke up early to head to your building, the sun is just starting … Continued

What is all that STUFF in my phone closet? Pt. 2

In the first installment of this blog mini-series we discussed all the pieces of equipment in your phone closet that the wiring initially connects to. These included: 66 Blocks at the Telephone Demarcation Point Data patch panels that terminate all … Continued

What is all that STUFF in my phone closet?

One of the most frequent questions a Las Vegas Low Voltage technician gets asked is, what is all this stuff in my phone/data closet? Usually, quickly followed up by, do I need all this, or what does it do?   … Continued

The C.R.A.W.L. Kit, Easy Covert Surveillance

Las Vegas Low Voltage has spent months in development with casino investigations departments locally to build the ultimate in covert surveillance solutions. Introducing the C.R.A.W.L. Kit, Covert Remote Adaptable Wireless Lookout. With full covert deployment in less than 20 minutes, … Continued