Access Control for your Business

With today’s heightened security risks, all commercial properties should take measures to remain as secure as possible. Monitoring traffic in and out of the property is one way for owners to manage security concerns. Currently, the most practical traffic monitoring solution is access control, which involves issuing a digital card or credential to approved building occupants. The credentials can be as simple as a card or key fob to biometric fingerprint readers and much more. Our systems also provide you with an excellent host of report features for audit trails or investigations.


Las Vegas Low Voltage is an authorized reseller for the Infinias Access Control line.

Installing traditional panel-based access control involves a variety of challenges, including higher cabling costs to support doors, hardware, power, and more, along with support for a limited number of doors per panel.

With Infinias, the controller installs at the door — reducing cabling costs — and the solution is highly scalable — simply install a new door controller and connect to the nearest POE network switch.

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Traditional panel-based access control diagram


Requires higher cabling costs with (minimum of 12 cables) to support doors, hardware, data connections, power, etc.

Control panels support limited doors — after that limit is reached additional panels are required.

No hardware failover protection — when a panel goes down, all doors connected to the panel are affected.

System relies on battery backup for power failure — no monitoring or alerts for low battery.

Managing permissions, schedules and other administrative tasks are time consuming and complex.

Difficult to troubleshoot — more equipment, longer wire runs, and limited tools.

infinias IP-based access control diagram


Controller installs at the door — reducing cabling costs (number and length of cables).

Highly scalable — simply install a new door controller and connect to the nearest network switch.

Hardware failover protection — controller failure only affects one door.

Back-up power provided by UPS at the PoE switch. System features health monitoring and alerts.

Central management of credentials and administrative maintenance via Internet or smartphone.

Easy to troubleshoot — less equipment, shorter cable runs, system/network monitoring tools.