Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems for your Commercial Property

Las Vegas Low Voltage installs commercial alarms all over the Las Vegas Valley. Commercial locations are common targets for burglaries and any other forms of invasion. The idea that many valuables are stored and left at commercial spaces is among the reasons why these locations are targeted frequently. In 2014 alone, there were more than 14150 reported cases of burglaries in Las Vegas area; a significant portion of them being committed against businesses.These statistics are indeed alarming, and it shows a trend that all but tells us that security and safety is something that is not freely enjoyed anymore. We at Las Vegas Low Voltage beg to differ. By providing commercial security alarm systems in Las Vegas, NV, we are able to provide businesses with an additional layer of protection that all but ensures your commercial assets are protected capably with our Self-Monitored alarm systems.

commercial alarm systems in las vegas

What is a Self-Monitored Alarm System?

Quite simply a self-monitored burglar alarm system is a system that cut’s out the middle man, instead of calling an alarm company monitoring station, your alarm calls you or people you designate.

How does that work?

When Las Vegas Low Voltage alarm technicians come to do your installation, they are installing the exact same equipment used by all the major commercial alarm companies. We use the same panels, sensors and keyboards.

However, the magic is in what we add, when your alarm goes off, instead of calling your alarm company, we call up to three different numbers and play a recording that is done on installation, informing you of the breech in alarm. Additionally we send out text messages and emails at the same time to up to 5 users.

Then, what do I do?

The first thing you do is pull up your Las Vegas Low Voltage installed surveillance system and verify that someone is breaking in to your business.

Henderson and Las Vegas Metro Police departments will only respond to an alarm based on their Verified Response Policy. This policy states that audio or video verification is required for police to dispatch an officer for response.

Once you verify someone is breaking in you can then call the appropriate police agency and have an officer meet you at your property.

Why is this better than a monitored/monthly alarm system?

  1. Cost- Once you buy your commercial burglar alarm from Las Vegas Low Voltage, you own it. There are absolutely no monthly fees, no service fees, no contract fees.
  2. Response Time- When you have a traditional alarm your alarm company will call you at the time of the alarm (or within 3 minutes) and ask you if you would like them to dispatch someone to verify there is an actual burglar. During this time, you could already have your cameras up and be on the phone with the police. Waiting for an alarm company to send a vehicle can cost you valuable time in catching a burglar.

What Equipment do we use?

Las Vegas Low Voltage is a reseller for DSC (Digital Security Controls, a Tyco security products company), all of our technicians have been trained in-person by DSC/Tyco employees. Founded in 1979, DSC has a proud history of innovation. They introduced the industry’s first small and attractive security keypads and micro-processor-based alarm panels that set new standards for performance, convenience and ease-of-use. See an alarm system somewhere, there is a good chance it is a DSC alarm.

Why Las Vegas Low Voltage for my commercial burglar alarm system?

Las Vegas Low Voltage has been servicing the Las Vegas Valley and Henderson area for over a decade, exclusively focusing on commercial customers. We are not a home alarm company that also happens to take care of business; we are a commercial focused company, working on security and low voltage for businesses only. Being a low voltage integrator gives us the knowledge to work with systems such as burglar and surveillance and to tie the 2 systems together so they work optimally to meet your needs.